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Video - please tell me what you think

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not too shabby. interesting concept you used.. Rocky lol. Anyway, not bad. What did you use to film it? I noticed it had sound, i cant get sound with fraps.

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Well man, i donno what to specifically comment, i was all hyped for an eye of the tiger deely but yeah i enjoy a good sparing match with some zombies every now and then.

And to DMFDxUconn, it looks like planetgamecam.com]GameCam compression artifacts... its not a hog like Fraps and its not as pretty either but my harddrive just isnt fast enough to keep up with Fraps... go give GameCam a try, its free for recording AVI with no sound and if you register you can record in AVI and WMA with sound. I cant tho cause it picks he wrong setting but the next release will let the user have control :)

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