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losing instaled files after sucsessfull insallation!!

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Hi all

in front a big sorry for my english^^

i bougth doom 3 today and i installed it
then after the installation i want to start doom3, but nothing happens. as i see into the install dir, there are only two dir´s:

Base with an doomkey file in it
and Docs with the help-files in it(whitch nothing says to my prob.)

i installed it now for three times into different dirs on different drives and nothing works*ompf*

i see all files in the dir while the installation and after the installation only the two dirs left!

My system: AMD2400+XP, MSI-K7N2-Delta, Fx5600, 2X256Mb-Ram(dual-channel: on), and two IBM 120GB hard disks with 7200U/min and 8Mb-cache


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hard to say. Are the Administrator(or using an admin account)?
What happens if you copy the files manually?

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sorry got it already

you only need to install it manually(coppy from hand)

then it works

sorry again i forgot the link but it was in the activision support for doom3

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