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Scabbed Angel

NPCs and Hell

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Does anyone have a list of the NPCs you can spawn? I've only been able to do 3 so far:

spawn char_betruger
spawn char_swann
spawn char_hazmat

other than that I can't seem to spawn any of the other characters from the md5 list, ie soldier, sarge2, labcoat etc. Am I doing something wrong with the others? Does anyone have a list of the other NPCs that you can spawn with the "spawn char_" command? Also, not to open another thread, I just completed Hell... I was under the impression that it was supposed to be more than one level. Although in of itself, the level was pretty long, I still was shocked that Hell was so short.

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when typing something in the console, you can press tab and it'll show all avalible commands from what you've typed.

Example: 'spawn char' and then pressing TAB will display a list of commands that begin with 'spawn char'

Hope this helps in your quest.

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It lists all the commands that start with the partial command you typed in when you pressed tab.

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