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Film Noir Mod Released

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Coming this Sunday to a /newstuff directory near you...

I was playing around with ZDoom's console commands, and found a command called Testcolor. After fiddling with it a bit, I came up with a combination of arguments that would show the play field in black and white.

TESTCOLOR "7c 7c 7c" 255

I determined that this wasn't enough, after trying to play RTC-3057 with it and seeing the colored lights still in color, as well as the status bar and hud messages. So, I got hard to work and modified the entire Doom palette and colormap lumps, so the entire game displays in black and white. The results look incredible in PRBoom at 32-bit software rendering, and it also works with vanilla Doom and Doom 2, in addition to ZDoom, Eternity, and perhaps even WinMBF. It doesn't work on EDGE, and probably not Legacy or Doomsday either.

Anyhow...I hope this WAD inspires somebody, because I have always wanted to see a Doom mod that uses the film-noir style.

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"The names Point, Jack point, Angeltown private eye, There's two things that i trust in this town, One's long, hard, and makes your ears ring after every shot, The other's my gun. I dont trust anything else in this town, especially not one thing that i always seem to be running into...broads!"

or something...

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I plan to make a 40's themed weapons mod based on this soon. It will have revolvers and Thompsons.

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I remember someone was making a WW2 WAD where the whole thing was in black and white. I don't think it was ever actually released.

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