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XWE-made wads won't open with Wintex

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It seems if you make a wad SOLEY with XWE, Wintex will not be able to open it for some reason. If you just import sounds with XWE, Wintex will not be able to play them back. Everything else should be fine, though.

Does XWE have some kind of dirt with Wintex? Why can't it open?

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It's the way XWE works. I just use Wintex to start new WADs, import sounds and align sprites, then I do the rest with XWE.

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Yeah, I've always used Wintex to import sounds and sprites and I've used XWE for anything complicated like putting in MP3s with ease. I guess they can work together but you have to use Wintex first. I only use Wintex to import sounds because it goes faster.

You see, this is what I do. I copy and paste all the sounds from the Doom 2 wad, and then I paste them in my wad. Then I just take Wintex and import them over the original sounds. If I did that with XWE, I'd have to replace each sound one at a time since the replace feature doesn't allow you to replace more than one. I could just name all my sounds after the original sounds and then import them all at once but if I'm not doing that, then poo.

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I can awnser some of those questions involving sounds and music.

Doom has a special sound format. WinTex will automatically convert .WAV sounds to this format, but XWE will not unless you tell it to save the sound in the doom sound format(look in the menus for "save as doom wave".)

XWE making non-wintex compatable wads is very odd, and should not be happening. This should be reported to the guy who makes XWE.

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