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DOOM Anomaly

Maximum Pink. :D (Game "review", don't worry, not Yu-Gi-Oh!)

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Hoodles. First off, thanks to Zarkyb for directing me to the right forum to post this in. :D And this thread contains I guess you can call spoilers for those who haven't played it, though I don't think it's that bad of spoiling. :D

As the title suggest, this thread is about none other than the awesometacular Super Nintendo Entertainment System game, Kirby Superstar.

Created by HAL Laboratory and Nintendo, and bearing the title of Kirby is a sure-fire hint that it is a great game, (given Kirby’s past titles) and this game is no exception. Kirby Superstar is by far, my favourite SNES game, and this post shall review just a glimpse of the reasons why.

First off, the most important to any game (I feel), the Gameplay.
The gameplay in Kirby Superstar is quite familiar to what is has always been, which is progress through the levels to the end, then fighting a boss, all in the light of good, of course. But one thing that makes this Kirby so much better than the rest, is the brand-new ability Kirby has developed: the ability to create a helper. (Which can be player-2, making this the first two-player Kirby game.) The helper can be of assistance, or a nuisance, either way they are fun to have around. One thing is that the helper can be made from almost any power, and can be brought back to life easily, with the sacrifice of Kirby’s power. But also the ability to steal other baddie powers if dying. (Or in T.A.C.’s case, at any time, allowing you to rejuvenate your HP totally.) And of course, the ability for Kirby to rid of the helper, turning them back into the power itself, for Kirby to inhale and use, if he chooses. Also, Kirby can now throw his powers, rather than the classical way where they just fly out as a star, he throws them, and if the helper touches them, they become that power. The helper can help illuminate enemies if Kirby is low on health or check passageways for safety; Kirby can also use them for an extra boost, by jumping off their head. If one of them finds a food item or even a Super lollypop, they can share it to both gain the ability.

However, Kirby Superstar brings more than just that, with 6 stories, 3 mini-games, as well as a sound test. Each story has its own, well, storyline. These 6 stories consist of:

Spring Breeze: “HELP! All the food from Dream Land has been stolen! Hurry, Kirby, or everyone will starve!”
The basic plot is, King DeDeDe and his minions have stolen all the food from Dream Land and it’s up to Kirby to get all the food back. The easiest of the lot, simple, and just like the oldies. Just get to the end of the level and to the next stage, with the final stage being a square off against none other than King DeDeDe in a wrestling ring in the 4th stage.

Dyna Blade: “Dyna Blade is destroying all the crops. She must be stopped. Master the different abilities and defeat her.”
Here, Dyna Blade (a giant bird) is destroying all the crops. You later find out it’s to feed her younglings. This one is just a bit harder than Spring Breeze. It has a map feature and two secret levels where you can get most of the abilities in the game. Also every now and then a battle arena pops up on the map where you can battle a mini-boss. 4 stages, you fight Dyna Blade on the 5th stage.

The Great Cave Offensive: “Get through the deadly cave while collecting hidden treasures.”
Kirby is strolling along one day when he falls into a hole in the ground. It caves in and the only way out, is through. Kirby must venture through a large and glorious cave (don’t be fooled, the majority of it isn’t cave-texture at all) acquiring unique, rare and valuable treasures found in treasure chests. This one is a lot larger than both Spring Breeze and Dyna Blade, and poses a much greater challenge. With many bosses and routes to take, it is not an easy task to get all 60 items.

Revenge of Meta-knight: “Save Dream Land! Defeat Meta-Knight and his giant warship Halberd!”
Sir Meta-Knight is at it again, trying to conquer Dream Land once more. However this time he has a much better strategy and more power to do so. Kirby rides the warp star to stop him, but is blown off the ship and shot away several times when trying to get back on the ship. (Which flies, by the way.) However, with the help of your recently acquired friend, Dyna Blade (see? The stories flow together, looks like help feeding and raising Dyna Blade’s chicks worked out for the best after all.) There are several stages in this, and it is slightly harder than The Great Cave Offensive. Destroy the Heavy Lobster, reactor core, Halberd, and then Meta-Knight head-on in the classical sword fight. (Which you don’t actually need to grab the sword as it says, you just need to wait a few seconds.) However, this one is different, the whole story is timed so you can’t site see like in the other stories, you better hurry! This all ends with an awesome 50 second escape on a Wheelie with Meta-Knight trying to stop you. Not to mention the rulage credits music and how powerful it sounds when you see the Halberd submerge into the orange ocean, only to see a spec that is Meta-Knight abandon his prized vessel.

Milky Way Wishes: “HELP! You must stop the Sun and Moon from fighting!”
The Sun and the Moon are in quarrels, which is messing up the days and nights. (Isn’t it ironic that after all the time they spent fighting you, they turn on each other, and now you have to stop them?) To stop this battle, as Marx tells you, the only way to stop them is to ask the giant comet NOVA for help (Nova is actually like a giant robotic sun with eyes and things hanging off of it). However, the only way to do this is to gain all the power from the stars around them (The universe) to be able to get Nova to do as they wish.
This one is one is my favourite in its own way. As it is different from all the others. This time, Kirby cannot get powers from enemies he eats (excluding the bomb), here, he must find stands that have the powers on them; once he touches them he gets the power, forever. Now by forever, I mean you can get rid of it and then reselect that power at any given time you want. With almost every power able to get indefinitely, it makes this an interesting battle. There is a secret level in which you attain Copy/T.A.C., which happens to be the somewhat big green star between the cloud world and cave world.
Kirby travels to 7 (8 including the secret one) planets (or stars, if you will) and then to Nova itself. However, after collecting all the stars and going to Nova, something goes wrong. Right before Kirby asks to stop the Sun and the Moon from fighting, Marx bunts him out of the way and wishes to rule Popstar. Nova grants his wish and Marx transforms into a hideous bat type jester now. (Reminds me of the final boss from Kirby’s Adventure.) Kirby, betrayed, gets in his star ship, which is formed from all the stars he collected, and rides to stop Nova from getting to Popstar. Afterwards, going to face the traitor Marx himself. (again, much like the final boss on Kirby’s Adventure.)
Milky Way Wishes is one of the hardest of the lot, but also very fun. One part I find the best, is after beating it, you get awesomely awesome credits, (well, the music is, but the graphic Kirby’s in the staff outfits is cool.)

The Arena: “THE FINAL CHALLENGE! In his toughest battle yet, the Pink Wonder faces his strongest enemies.”
This is unlocked after beating Milky Way Wishes (which is unlocked after beating Revenge of Meta-Knight). In this one, you start with choosing any power you want (excluding those one-timer ones that you cannot make helpers of). Then you ride to the arena. You face all of the bosses and mini-bosses in all of Kirby-Superstar, with some other ones that are worth a chuckle. It’s always randomized, but the final battle is always Marx. After each battle you get to go to a remote location (your oasis from the arena, if you will) which has two powers picked at random for you to take if you want, and a few Maxim tomatoes, which you are limited of for the whole tournament. This one is the toughest of any of the game, but great fun to beat all the bosses.

And that was just the stories. :P
Next are the Mini-Games:

Gourmet Race: “Race through “Gourmet World” to the finish, gobbling up all the tasty treats you can find.”
After flying up a very large cliff dreaming of food, Kirby is exhausted. Unfortunately, Triple-D (King DeDeDe) finds him there (eating an apple, AN APPLE!) and Kirby is challenged to race him, even in his tired state. This I enjoy playing, as the description says, you race to the finish collecting food items on the way, the more you get, the more points you get, you want to get more than DeDeDe, and finish the race first. There are three courses. My personal favourite is the last one. This one is fairly easy if you are good with manoeuvring and going fast while still getting items. For me Wing power in the last course = win.

Megaton Punch: “Pay attention to the power gauge and watch the pendulum!”
Here you are Kirby and you face several opponents at breaking concrete blocks. It’s fairly easy to win, but it’s fun to try and split Popstar in half, which is possible if you get enough power. How strong are You?

Samurai Kirby: “Push any button immediately when you see ‘!’.”
The showdown is back. You are Kirby and you are back in the shoot-out gig. Face several enemies, some challenging, to be the ultimate samurai. (Though it takes place in the desert, so it’s somewhat cowboy-esque, just like the original.)

And of course the Sound Test: You get to listen to every music track and sound effect in all of Kirby Superstar. This is unlocked after you beat The Arena.

Okay, I won’t go too much further into gameplay because, let’s face it, I’ve gone on forever about it. :P I find the gameplay great and very replayable. I can’t count how many times I’ve replayed this game over and over, enjoying it every time. 3 save slots and 9 games in one, it’s awesome.

Next is Graphics and effects:
Now, I say effects because not only does it make the title sound cooler, but it covers my behind just in case I say any effects in this. Also so I don’t have to make another category. :D

The graphics in all of Kirby Superstar, I find, are top notch. Bright, bold and beautiful, the colours and effects are just amazing. With all of the attacks and moves, it is a lot and a lot well done. The little outfits Kirby has when he has a power are amusing and cute.

I’m not much for knowing well on graphics and effects, but I feel that Kirby Superstar has done a great job in them, very great job.

Now on to Sounds and Music (audio):
Okay, here, is one of my most favourite parts of Kirby (and of most games), the music in Kirby is just so good it makes me want to play it even longer just so I can hear the sound tracks. Also I can’t remember how many countless hours I’ve spent in the Sound Test just listening to the tunes. I know music doesn’t make a game, but it sure makes a game a heck of a lot better. I have more favourite tracks on this game than I can count upon. Namely the credits from Revenge of Meta-Knight and Milk Way Wishes. The Milk Way Wishes one I can listen to and be excited every time it plays, I love it. Revenge of Meta-Knight’s is just powerful with how the credits look, and the lower tone to it, is smoothing.

However, I cannot forget the track of Gourmet Race’s first and third track, which is also used in Super Smash Brother, in the Dream Land arena. (Well, it’s a remake of it.) The sounds too are great, I especially love the sounds of when Kirby has the microphone power, I can’t help but go along with him as he does them.
To me, the music is phenomenal.

For an extra category, Creativity:
The creativity in Kirby Superstar, I find, is magnificent. The concepts of all the powers and stories are a wide range and are neato. With each power have several different attacks, and different look for Kirby and his helper. The jist of the game requires you to progress through levels, however there are a few twists added for more fun and difficulty. With some of the original powers and with many new ones, the selection never seems old.

Personally, my favourite power as a helper is T.A.C.. Call it my cheap way to stay alive, or a resourceful pick, there is no better power than T.A.C. for me. With the ability to block completely, steal other powers, replenishing all of its HP, ability to steal almost all powers, fast and powerful attack. It’s a solid power when used correctly, however, as are all of the powers.
With Kirby, I’d have to say fighter for the most part. I love the power and speed of it, but my favourite attack with it is its Up-attack, I just love to stay in the air doing it repeatedly. Wing is another favourite.

With 6 stories, 3 mini-games, great visuals, outstanding audio, and everything, overall and simply put, Kirby Superstar is game I am more than glad I bought all those years ago, and one that I feel, shouldn’t be missed or forgotten. Bravo HAL and Nintendo, I tip my hat to you, oh do I ever.

For a total count:
Gameplay: 10/10 – Despite a basic style, it has so many different games and additions; I can’t call it anything less than excellent.
Graphics and Effects: 10/10 – Now, this is given for the SNES and the time of creation, I feel that is has great graphics and effects for it’s time.
Sound and Music: 10/10 – If I could I’d give this more than 10. As I said, this music makes me toss and turn at night, it is so good.
Creativity: 10/10 – The creativity is superb, with many great and neat attacks and moves, I never find them old or stale.
Overall: 10/10 (or 40/40 if you want them added up) – Overall, a great game, nothing less.

Thus wraps up my little review Dee-Lee. :D

I realize it’s quite strong for the game and perhaps a bit too praising, but since I love this game with a passion, and have always loved Kirby since I first encountered the little pink guy, my views will more than likely be bias. :D My apologies for if my review enrages anyone, I just had to get it out. :D

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DOOM Anomaly said:

My apologies for if my review enrages anyone, I just had to get it out. :D

Actually, you should consider writing them more often. That was a good read.

It is an excellent game, and my favorite of the Kirby series.

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I wouldn't have given the game anything less in terms of review scores. I love playing this one with my brother - it's a shame that Kirby's Dream Land 3 wasn't as good.

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Thanks everyone. :D

I tend to like all of the stories for their own feeling.

Spring Breeze feels nice and calm, easy and like the original.
Dyna Blade is a bit harder, feels somewhat different yet alike.
The Great Cave Offensive gives me a long adventurer feel, somewhat like an Rpg, with finding items through a long trek.
Revenge of Meta-Knight has a nice fast-pace feel, especially with the music on the Halberd. And the final chase.
Milky Way Wishes has a bigger more expanded feel, with traveling to other stars and around the universe, it shows off more of the Milky Way.
The Arena just feels like that, a gladiator arena, with the music, and look, and constant hard battles.

And, yeah. :D

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I'd like to see kirby swallow all the pokemon and Yugi-Oh! Then have Yoshi eat Kirby, then see Yoshi melt in a pool of nukage,

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