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New Sourceport in development - DarkDoom

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I've begun writing up a source port in my spare time, as an experiment for several new editing capabilities I wish to implement into Doom one day. These are the ones I'm currently experimenting with:

Region Definition Things:

These attach a second effect to a sector, or store an action to be activated via a script, somewhat similar to Boom's "Generalized Linetypes", but applying it to sectors instead of Linedefs. The way I'm figuring out how to get it to work is to attach the thing's effect to the sector the thing is contained inside, disregarding the position of the thing inside the sector. A little similar to ZDoom's Sector Action Things. One bit one would want to note is so: The Region Def. thing can be ordered to take effect the instant the actor enters the sector, regardless of whether it is touching the floor or ceiling; or, they can take effect if one bumps into any wall inside that sector, or as soon as the actor hits the ceiling or floor.

"Hit and Run Blocker" things:

As soon as the player wakes up this actor, whatever the thing's angle was will act as a link to a sector with the same tag number as that thing's angle number, and cause the tagged sector to raise instantly by 128. For some reason, however, when I wake up said monster, the floor all around me instead of the tagged sector will raise by 128. Again, it's experimental.

Script Trees:

Similar to Strife's dialog system and a little from Hexen's ACS, but this kind of scripting is based heavily on more easily storing variables and about pulling off multiple effects quickly. Something I'd have in mind would be:

_Effect/RegionDefThings { 324, 101 };

The "_Effect/RegionDefThings" thingie tells the game to activate an effect (or effects) tied to a Region Definition thing, obviously, and the following two numbers are the thing numbers of the Region Definition things, NOT THE THING TAGS. As you can see, it's alot simpler than ACS in theory, but I'm still doing some trial and error and ironing out alot of bugs, as well as working out a better way to use the scripts in-game (the current way is VERY slow), and the syntax is very very buggy, so it'll be a while before it's working properly.

That's about all that's on my head at the moment. Now, I have a huge shitload of C code to sift through and alot of thinking to do.


EDIT: Also, one little bit. This is the only real "working" script I have on hand that works with one of my maps.

_ScriptDefs 2;

#ScriptDef (Open_Map)

PrintN: "Welcome to the City of DIS!";


#ScriptDef (void)

_Effect/RegionDefThings { 199, 613 };

...And that barely works.

Simple, eh?


I've figured out a possibly faster process for translating Scripts... The scripts can be translated into a type of code similar to that used in the "hardcoded events" in the Doom(2).exe, and stored in a temporary external file...

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Darkhaven said:


everybody's too busy playing Zdoom.

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Good luck with that. I think we all know how hard it is to establish a new source port so I think we can safely guess how this will end though...

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