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Doom 3 UK Price Watch

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Just because I'm feeling helpful, here are the prices for the PC version of Doom 3 in various UK locations.


GAME - £34.99
HMV - £34.99
MVC - £29.99


gameplay.co.uk - £26.99
play.com - £27.99
shop.game.net - £32.99

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Thanks Nightmare! Gonna buy it today, now i know how much to expect to pay. Heading over to PC World, so if its actually in stock, i'll tell you guys what the price is there.

EDIT : £30 with a free poster in PC World ^_^

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Tescos - £34.95

I got it in HMV myself, cause my brother got a discount..hm, curses to the fact there are no MVC stores in Cambridge!

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GAME - £34.99

Just picked mine up from Game for £29.99. Free t-shirt too. :D

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