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Argh.. Greeeen

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Great. Today I load Doom3 in the afternoon and it plays fine. Tonight I come back and load it up, and every light that was white is now green! I have no idea how to fix this; I havent been messing with any options at all...

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I just installed ROE and started having this problem. Reinstalling latest ATI drivers and DirectX 9.0c didn't help.

Just scoured the net for any info on this problem .. couldn't find any. Only that restarting it fixes it for most people. Goddammit. I just paid $40 for a neon-green Doom expansion.

Yes I know this thread is very old :P

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I think the problem is related to the z_near variable. If you changed it in your autoexec.cfg, just get rid of that line and it should be good. Worked for me.

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