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Well, maby i love the game cause i dont allow it to get boring or repetive? ill play a level, make a mod, post some on the forums, then the next day, beat a nothere level and so on, so its great for me, ive been playing daily and i havent beat it yet.

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Wobbo said:

You might want to retract that comment when you finish the game, trust me, its NOT the same as doom 1... youll see

Beat the game yesterday after five days.

So ok, the story is not identical to Doom 1's but it's still kinda similar.
And nope, I don't wanna retract my statement about Doom 3's story being good (if that's what you meant) - on the contrary, I find that it's a very well-concieved, in-depth and very inspiring story imo.

Oh and lay off Blackhand, he's ok after all.

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Thanks for all the posts. I headed up to the woods of Maine the past few days and was hoping for a few replies to read when I get back.

Overall your opinions are good and I'm pleased. Thanks for yours dsm, I was particularly looking forward to yours.

Has anyone attempted mapping yet?

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