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Secret level? / Boss list?

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I have some questions concerning Doom3:

1- Is there a secret level in Doom3? The easteregg thread revealed nothing about it.

2- Is there a way to exract clear pictures of the Doom3 monstersfrom the .pak files (or any other resource)? I only found the textures and normal maps but no pictures of the final models. Does the Doom3 engine construct the models directly from those resources, thus I´d have to take screenshots?

3- Why is the Sarge Boss called Sabaoth? Why isn´t it called Sarge?

X- Some people complained that the Baron of Hell isn´t in. I´d simply call the Hell-Hell Knight the Baron. He is a retextured version of the Hell Knight (just like in the Original Doom).

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1- According to the prima guide that i've read, no.

2- Try looking for the model skin textures, that should give you an idea. Otherwise, find screenies of the enemies

3- According to Prima, 'Sabaoth is the name given to Sergeant Kelly after his demonic conversion'.

X- I call the Hell Knight the Hell Knight, and the Guardian a Baron.

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DD_133 said:

X- I call the Hell Knight the Hell Knight, and the Guardian a Baron.

I´m not talking about the guardian. In the hell level, you will find retextured versions of the hell knight and the imp. Both have lots of demonic carvings and pentagrams on their skins. This imp could be called a "Hell imp" while I would simply call this Hell Knight the "Baron of Hell", since the original Hell Knight/Baron of Hell were the same - slightly different textured twins.

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The only difference is, barons do more damage and have more hitpoints. Hell-hell knights have the same hitpoinst and do the same damage as regular hell knights. The term baron implies that it's a more powerful monster in the hierarchy, so I dunno if calling them barons would fit.

But they sure do look cool.

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