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First encounter with Hell Knights

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The first time I encountered hell knights I did not have the BFG. I restarted on veteran after playing the beginning of hell on marine :D this time I had the bfg, battle results obvious. The thing about delta labs 4 is you do not get the chance to explore the lab, after killing the hell knights you go to hell.

So I thought I would point something out about this battle area that could easily be missed in the chaos of the hell knight battle. First as we know the hell knights have the advantage in this room, that is why they seem tougher here than in hell, in hell you have the strategic advantage. So for those of us that are not Doom Gods no matter how we try, and for anyone that does not have the bfg or ammo left for it because you wasted it all ready ;)

When the battle begins turn 180 degrees, and to both the left and right you will see stairs going down. THe area below the stairs is just a small passageway that connects the stairs, but down here you have some cover and you can more easily pick the hell knights off, just make sure they dont cover both stair entrances so you still have to focus on one of the while dodgeing the other. Hope this helps for anyone else that reloaded 10 or more times to finish this battle first time around :D

Doom Gods will obviously know about this or maybe not know about it because they didn't need it, this is for the average player that may be haveing difficulty on this batle. ps use all youre ammo forget conservation in this fight trust me. ;)

If there is something else on this level that I missed please let me know.

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The second time I met those hell knights I was playing in Nightmare mode. So I not only had a BFG, but a charged-up soul cube as well. :D The fight was not that difficult! :-)

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