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The Classic Doom vs. Doom3 Monster Thread

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Firstly, I would like to point out which of the Doom 3 enemies are - in my point of view - the new Zombie Man, Shotgun Guy and Heavy Weapon Dude. I know that Doom 3 features a lot of different zombies and the designers probably weren´t thinking "now I´m gonna design the new Shotgun Guy", but well - it´s the way I´m thinking :)
If I was to do a classic Doom-mod for Doom 3 I´d pick the following zombies for the old ones:

The new Zombieman: This is the helmetless ZSec with the pistol, although he looks a lot like the old shotgun guy (bald head, etc.)

The new Shotgun Guy: The Zsec with the Shotgun - obviously.

The new HWD: One could pick the machine gun ZSec for that one but I think the Chaingun Commando is more fitting, as his weapon is the one the old HWD uses.

Secondly, I´d like to rate all of the other "classic monsters in Doom3" in terms of originality:

Imp: 6/10 - I don´t really like the spiderlike eyes
and I miss the original sounds the imp did
when roaming. Otherwise: A good comeback

Demon: 6/10 - A nice new design, though I miss the horns a bit

Lost Soul: 6/10 - Fast, floating, nasty. I´d have prefered a more
skullish look but I don´t mind the cyber implants

Cacodemon: 7/10 - A very good redesign. A litte red here and there
and it´d be perfect.

Revenant: 9/10 - perfect recreation, visually. -1 for the sound

Mancubus: 10/10 - A fantastic recreation - `nuff said

Arch Vile: 8/10 - A great job but they should have used a cut scene
to introduce him. Also, I´m not sure if he can
really summon creatures or if it´s just
scripting. When I spawned him, he didn´t do it.

Hell Knight: 8/10 - I love the look, but I miss the horns a bit.

Baron of Hell: 7/10 - The baron is what I call the pentagrammed Hell
Knight in the hell levels. Although they
sticked to the original concept of just
differentiating the two by texture, they
could have tried harder to distinguish the
"Baron" from the Hell Knight

Cyberdemon: 10/10 - I´m shocked! Purely awesome!!!

Spider Mastermind, Arachnotron, Spectre, Pain Elemental, Icon of Sin: I miss them. I would have loved the Icon as a true Demon as the final boss. There is an expansion pack in the making I hear... *knocks on wood*

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Did you purposefully not write reviews for the other monster? Just wondering...

Doom Guy = Needs a helmet lol, I miss it.

Zombies = All of the zombies were improvements. Thought I wish they would have kept the original designs for the chainsaw zombie. But, whatever.

Imps = I didn't care for the spider eyes either. I see enough of them in the trites. I think they should have kept just 2 red eyes.

Lost Souls = these were great. If I had to nit-pick, I'd wish that they didn't have the motors on the back of their head. Why would souls have motors? I think it would have been better to simply merge the fire with the flesh on the back.

Cacodemon = The only thing I'd want to change about the new designs would be to make them bigger and wider like the originals. Make them big and something to be afraid of or something that would intimidate me like the Hell Knight.

Revenant = These were pretty much the same thing as the original so I have nothing I'd change.

Pinky Demon = I wish they were pink, I wish they had eyes, and I wish they weren't half-mechanical. The horns are optional.

Spectre = Wish they were included

Arch-Vile = These are pretty much the same. No comment.

Hell Knight = I wish these were more like the originals. Well, actually, I wish their heads were more like the originals. Horns, slimmer head, etc..

Baron of Hell = Wish they were included in D3 (just for variety)

Cyberdemon = They couldn't be better in D3.

Spider Mastermind = Wish it was inlcuded

Mancubus = The face could use a little work. I don't really care for the flappy thing on their face.

Pain Elemantal = Wish they were included

Arachnotron = Wish they were included

Commandos = Couldn't be better in D3.

Another thing I wish they would have done, and I don't really expect them to because it would take a while, but make a bigger variety of each demon like they did the zombies. There are lots of different zombies but each demon only has 1 type. I wish they would have inluded all of the old demons and kept the new ones (execpt the cherubs, those babies can be annoying :D)

Remember, I am not complaining about Doom 3. These are simply details that I felt had room to improve. I love Doom 3 in it's state right now and I've almost beaten it. These are simply nit-picked details and really make no difference to me one way or the other.

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S1lent said:

Did you purposefully not write reviews for the other monster? Just wondering...

I messed around with the Submit reply-button before being able to complete the post - sorry.

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I can't wait to see people mod up some levels with cybies that act like normal monsters. I'd also love it if someone could make an icon of sin spewer-- a level 30 would just be a dream to me.

Edit: I really like the new zombies. Big improvement all around. While I'd like the imp better with two eyes, its agility and utter ability to rip you to shreds is fantastic. Pinky is neither pink nor "ky". Its attack seems weaker than that of the imp, although it is scarier. I'd prefer a model more like the old one. Hell Knight? AHH! Owe. Very nice. I like how it just pushes everything out of the way. Caco- Nice again. I'd like a color/size change, but I like the agility. I do miss the big spiders. While I hate the little spiders of all sorts they are pretty much essential to the game. They serve the same purpose as lost souls, just lost souls are much cooler. Cyber is just awesome. I'd just prefer them to be more monster like (take damage as normal). Same with the guardian!

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yeah. if lost souls can have metal teeth and boosters, why not a brain on stilts i ask u, i too want a mod with CD's like other monsters, and the pinky should be pink, imps need thier spikes and firey eyes back, the zombies got better eyes, caco's need more red, and thier spikes (or did i miss some)

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I miss the giant tomatos.

I mean come on if a group of giant red tomato's were attacking me in the dark....well...no i guess I wouldent be scare more like hungary or freaked.

But meh....

the old design for the cacodemon was better I think.

The new ones remind me of the meteor in the final fantasy 7 logo for some odd reason.

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