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Implementing Class changing as a part of gameplay

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As I've been fiddling around with Zdoom, I've dropped yet another idea out of me brain. I get all these great ideas and wonder how the hell I'm going to script it all. Anyways, I was wondering if it's possible as a part of the game, to give the player the ability to morph back and forth from a marine, into a monster, and vice versa. I know Zdoom is based on Hexen's scripting so I was curious to see if anybody would know if this sort of class changing in doom would work.

As a part of the storyline the marine ends up being slain by some red demon hooded fellow and then ressurected as a demon and sent back to kill off his comrades, accompanied by a pack of demon allies. Then afterwards he finds that the curse has adverse effects and that he still has some humanity left. So he keeps morphing back and forth, and so to break his curse and free all humanity YADDA YADDA YADDA, he must tredge into the inner depths of hell and kill the evil satanic asshole.

Tell me whatcha think.

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MasterOFDeath said:

You posted this how long ago and didn't get 1 reply? sad...

thank you for being ever so helpful

and to answer the question, no it is not possible

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