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W32.Berab.B curious if you guys know about this.

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Well, I was doing my weekly file maintenance on my computer this evening when I forgot about 2 days I had disabled my virus scan and turned off a bunch of stuff in system tasks just to see how much better Doom 3 would run (not a noticable difference btw). Anyway, I had a buddy over the other night and he sometimes hangs out after I crash to download music samples to do his mixing with etc. Okay I noticed my virus scan was still off so I started it up and ran it.....

445 worm files is what it found. I immediately called up my buddy and said "hey man what the hell did you download on my computer and run?" I see the log files with files like britney spears naked xxx.exe christina agulira getting bang.exe quake 4 beta.exe. He said nothing man just what you saw on the folder on your desktop the next morning (which was nothing but sound samples). I said okay let me google it and find out what's up. Found a site about it where they had wrote up what it is and how to get rid of it etc (most good virus scans will delete remove them). This is the website btw:


Come to find out if you have WinMX it installs a file to your /programfiles/winMX folder called Library.dat and lists 400+ small 10K file "tags" if you have the file on the list then someone in this little group who made this wants it and it is sent to them via security exploits in windows OS. It will send it to them and you will not even see it come up in WinMX. The site I listed above basically explains it briefly and how to fix it. All you need to do is delete the library.dat file and edit a couple registry strings and be done with it.

I think it's pretty crappy of people making something for people to use and putting something like this in with it so they can et what they want in the background without you knowing. I quit using Kazaa for the adware/spyware reasons. I guess I'll just stick to Overnet, *shrug*. I usually only use it to download documents etc on medical stuff and tattooing etc or the occassional eBook...but having ot deal with all that is not worth it to me, guess I'll just start ordering books from Books-a-million or Barnes and Noble heh.

Just thought you guys might like to know this, in case you didn't.

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Be more scared of the T-virus :P In one of the more bizarre promotional efforts of late Capcom today released a "revolutionary viral campaign " to hype the forthcoming Resident Evil: Outbreak on PS2. The T-Virus is spread by email and SMS and also includes a zombie ringtone. There are prizes for those who "infect" other people

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Black Hand said:

Taken straight off of Penny arcade.

People were downloading lezpr0n Doom 3 alpha long before Penny Arcade made a strip about it. Just so you know, I had heard about it long before the strip was made.

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Actually, WinMX doesn't contain the worm. The worm itself creates the library.dat file in the WinMX folder.

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yea i have strict security setting on the windows systems. make sure you use the security patches, and XP sevice pack 2 is out
oh by the way, if you dont use IE dont go to the MS site to download service pack 2, will say you need IE 6. yea i know BS
other sites have it, i think we even have it, i know we have disks

my dad trashed his system in an hour, but it was partly my mistake. i hadnt installed the virus scan as it was late at night nor did i restrict his account. so in the morning it was totaly trashed, it was just easier to fdisk, format and reinstall. with those settings i have not had an serious issues, other than the fact he wants me to remove net nanny. hey never google search "free porn" useing IE.

Also i dont let other people use this computer.

i take that back, here is the link for the service pack 2 update
no you dont need IE, i do remember trying to downlaod it last night by going to microsoft.com and it giving me the IE error

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