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Why do my vertices have so much trouble snapping to the grid? I've made a hexagon, hollowed it out, and I'm trying to move the walls apart so that they don't overlap. Well sometimes my vertices will do as they're told. Other times they don't move at all when I'm clicking and dragging. (Even though it should be a rather simple move.. just extending by one grid block..)

Twice now the editor just crashed when I was trying to line up my vertices. This is driving me fucking nuts.

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With your hexagonal brush selected, try pressing CTRL+G. That should align all of its verticies to the grid.

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Yeah, that works sometimes, but othertimes it makes the entire brush disappear and a few times it has crashed doom :)

It generally doesn't like me playing around with the vertices of anything, though. Sometimes it just refuses to move when I tell it too. Othertimes, even though I've moved all of the vertices and they seem to be fine, when I look at certain faces of the brush, there are crisscrossed lines that don't belong and the texture turns white..

It's difficult to describe, I'll take a screeny next time it happens ;)

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