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Anyone know of documentation that outlines the DooM³ map format?

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As the title suggests, does anyone have an idea where I can find a very detailed description of the .map format for DooM 3? I am not sure if this is going to be released with the SDK or if someone already went ahead and documented it. Thanks in advance!

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Hopefully something will come along because I am a little stuck... I have finished coding the input and output of a program called ReWad that I am developing. If all dreams are fullfilled its supposed to convert DooM I and 2 .wad files with map content into doom 3 maps. Allowing us to replay all the classic wads in the new engine. I am now stuck on the transformation because I do not fully understand the vertex matrices of the .map files. If anyone has some leads please lead me in the right direction. While I am done with 2/3 of the program, unfortunetly the hardest 1/3 is left. So realistically speaking I am probably 10% done. Thanks.

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