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Doom 3 Commercial Exploitation License?

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Does anyone know about if a commercial exploitation license is available for Doom 3 yet? There isn't any information on the id software site at this point, and those guys are completely impossible to get in touch with.

If anyone knows or has a phone number for them that still works, it would be much appreciated.


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If you’re interested in pursuing a license with us for any of our technologies, please contact Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software via email at toddh@idsoftware.com. Be sure to put "Engine Licensing" in the subject.

Probably looking at at least a cool half mil for it though...

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yep, i think all past engines have been $250,000 at least! thats a big chunk of change. so i would not dout it if this engine costs more.
this is why it should nto be hard to see why 3drealms is in trouble, how many engine changes for duke4 have there been in the last 6 or so years, no big money coming in. plus other expenses

an engine can make or break a company, look at Id and look at 3drealms. Id makes just as much, if not more, on licencing the engine.
example say they sold 10,000 cpoies of doom3 and got $30 a copy. that would mean they have made $300,000 in raw cash. now if they licence out to 4 companies at the 250,000 price they make 1 mill. chances are they will licence it out to many more than 4, how many games where based on quake3? Also i read that doom3 has sold more than 300,000 copies in its first week!

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