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My D3 Movie

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I'll give you my evaluation in 9 minutes, if your server isn't a steaming pile of goo by then.

First... loading? Might as well have Ben Stein lecturing during that. The music selection is very nice, but the action isn't keeping pace with it, such as when you sat next to the healy thingy. For the moments when there is no action having a quick, heavy and load beat kinda detracts.

I like how you ran into a barrel with a chain saw. I usually just punch them though.

I don't have anything to compare this to s I'll say it's pretty good due to the nice music and some good action, just there's a lot of down time too.

Suggestion: Got any creepy music?

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Its a pure blast fest. I wasnt looking to direct a blockbuster movie here. I was just having some fun with the footage ive taken. And yea, the loading screen wasnt supposed to be added, i meant to splice it out, but oh well, at least its in the right place. Up untill now ive used VirtuaDub to make my movies, this time i tried Windows Movie Maker. Ive never used it before and wanted to see if i could figure it out. Trust me, the next one i make will be alot better. This one is something i put together in about 20 minutes. As far as the Music goes.. well, the 1st song is the D3 Theme and the second is Demonoid Phenomenon by Rob Zombie. I think the music goes good. Next time i'll try to match it up with the action. Like i said tho, im new to all this so gimme some time to perfect it.

I appreciate all feedback tho, and thanx for taking the time to watch it.

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Those demons owned you man :)
And quit aiming for their crotch all the time, their head works better :)

As for the video, it was very good. Some parts were a little slow, but for the most part the action was better. It would be better if you didn't get killed so badly, but you can't really help that. The music was very appropriate and went well with the overall action, like you said, you need to sync it up with the action and make sure it's all together and going at the same pace. Something else, make the scenes a little slower and show us some different demons. Otherwise, I'd give this an 8/10.

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