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Help!!!! unstable graphics

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This is really starting to bug me. Doom 3 never runs consistant. Somtimes it starts fine, and I can play error free. Sometimes I start playing and my graphics go bezerk and I cant make out an image. Or sometimes its kicks me out before I get to the main menu.
Please, all help is highly appreciated.

I'm running on a Pentium 4 3.2ghz, 512 ddr400 mem., geforce fx 5900 256mb(with expert tool), and XP pro

I play the game on high quality, but it does this on any quality.
I updated all drivers, and tried other tips I read from the forum, but no luck.

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Are you overclocked?
Cpu OR Gpu? ^^^

Have you completely uninstalled and reinstalled the grapics drivers?

Do you know what the temperature of your CPU and GPU are?
Try downloading Motherboard Monitor 5 ^^^

Are you using custom RAM timings?
Improper timings = instability ^^^

Do you have decent airflow in your case?
No airflow = hot air over hot parts ^^^

Do you have dual display support disabled?
Murders performance in games ^^^

Hmm.. can't think of anything else right now. I'll get back to ya.

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actually i'm in the same boat kascop and i see we have very similiar hardware. keep an eye on my thread kascop. (btw, what is "expert tool"?)


allouttabubblegum, do you have a secondary source hooked up to your card? it should detect it, THEN give you the option of display selection, but you'll have to right click on your desktop and monkey around with your settings, check your manual!

btw, plz try not to hijack threads.


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The following post has been quoted for example purposes only:

the_FNG said:

hey man, i was just tryin' to help ya out, but i can see you're just some punk. so please take the next opportunity to go fuck yourself and learn some manners. i was offering you advice but you hiss like a little bitch, you don't even deserve the priviledge of interacting with others. try taking the time to also learn how forums work and what makes searching for information easier (such as keeping things on topic). and my business is straightening out little turds such as yourself. think before you say something next time.

yeah, i said RTFM! bitch!

This is exactly what is NOT tolerated here. If you want to say something like that take it to private messages.

ImAllOuttaBubbleGum said:

oh and i did check google b4 i bothered asking here and i didnt feel like making a new thread just to ask an off topic question that has nothing to do with doom 3.

This is completely backwards. The Technical forum is especially adherent to Doom 3 and on-topic discussion. Please see the Doom 3 Technical forum rules so you know what I'm talking about. I'll keep the post in here but please remember this in the future.

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