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doom3's influence on fan-fiction

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Hi - how do you think doom3 will influence doom fan fiction?

I thought doom was a good medium to write fan fic for because the plot was so bare to start with. There is quite a lot of room for embellishments and plot and a lot of space to flesh out. I was even working on one myself.

However doom3 has done basically the same thing and taken the bare bones doom canon and fleshed it out with a fairly detailed story. My story was going to be on similar lines to that expressed in doom3 so I've lost interest in continuing work on it.

Does anyone else think doom3 may have a negative impact on the fan fic scene?

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Being that DOOM and DOOM 3 have separate stories, one based on the other, I don't see a problem. For the most part, DOOM 3 seems more suitable for fan fiction, since DOOM uses the story in a schematic way where it is not really too necessary. DOOM 3, with its characters, place names, details, and dates, leaves more, not less, space to create offshoots and side stories.

Mostly, I've seen that the fan fiction for DOOM often changes or rewrites the main "story." DOOM 3, on the other hand, should offer more pointers from where to start writing somewhat compatible fan fiction.

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I haven't beaten Doom 3 yet (this is the third day I'm playing it - and people complain that it's...short?), but what I've experienced of the story so far, suggests to me that it's still fan fic worthy - moreso than RtCW was for Wolf3d fan fics.

Why is that? Because the player character can easily be fleshed out more (we don't even have his background info) and because the scare factor and events in Doom 3 already have given me lots of ideas on how to describe the hero's emotions.

But I won't know for sure until I've actually tried writing a fan fic based on Doom 3, which I'm sure I will eventually. I won't start writing it until I know every intricate little detail of the game's storyline by heart - that would help to ensure the best possible outcome for the fan fic.

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