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first off i would like to know what they are. second i have an idea of what they are but only in a few games. and third i believe i am haveing problems with them. I have a geforce2 MX-400 and some games just dont like it very much. I have some problem with doom legacy in opengl mode but once i have it on an ideal res i never see the problem agian. Zdoom has given me some problems in software mode, have not tried zdoomGL for a long time, but it seems to work out after a few tries. Most of my other games run well with it except final fantasy VIII, i would really like to play it but the game is always "blocky" meaning all the backgrounds are in the form of funky blocks. I have downloaded the patch but it does not seem to help and i hate software mode too. Any help would be great and does anyone else have those problems with doom ports

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first off i would like to know what they are

First a "chewey" description:
A texel is essentially an array that represents the density of the microsurfaces at each point. A ray travelling through the texel scatters with some probability. The contribution from all points along the ray is integrated using Monte Carlo techniques.

Condensed to:
Texels are the 3D equivalent of pixels. They can be used to model a variety of volumetic objects, for example, clouds.

Or maybe it's this:
The Danish Texel sheep comes from the white headed, short tailed salt-meadow sheep. This breed of sheep has been used for centuries on farms along the coast from Denmark to the north of France.

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