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After beating the game I like this game engine much better.

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At least in a few years I will like it better :O . With the first 20 something levels I was left with the impression that like quake the engine could not handle large out door areas, big heights shiny surfaces or water very well. But finaly toward the end I see all three things handled well. No I did not see water but I saw enough to see that it could handle it well. The big elevator ride in Cavern 1 was fun, I saw the rail gun commando instantly and sent a rocket at his ass before he even fired at me woo hoo :D ( I even didn't miss ) I hope we see some maps or games that show more of what they can do with it. I'm just happy I can expand my fps gameing beyond unreal, though my entire fps playing may soon be shot out all together. :( that depends on what happens with present ID and Epic projects. I'm unhappy with both :( but thats just me.

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