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Cyberdemon sculpture

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cool, the head is too big IMO though...

crap movie...

You must be an American :-) Most Americans hate that movie while Europeans love it... Probably because of the political criticism in the movie.

Rancor (The Empire Strikes Back)

Wasn't the Rancor in "SW: Return of the Jedi"?!

did any of you check out the rest of the site?
These were cool as well

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All three models are cool, but I would have to agree that the Cyber Demon isn't up to the same quality as the Rancor and Starship Troopers bug.

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Ah very well old chap, yes i am a bloody yankee haha

I did like the violence and gore and the acting wasn't worse then i'd seen in other movies..i know im backing over my words a bit but it was an enjoyable piece of crap till i read the book and all i can say is MORE EXOSKELETONS dammit! :D

but if you like political criticism then read the book, thats partly what i mean by the “long winded” comment, he talks in great lengths about the society and such.

back on topic: wow that chest burster is awesome! I want it to hang my keys on lol

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thanks inferno, but I didn't make it someone else did.

m0l0t0v thanks for the link, I missed those aleins. but the one coming out of a pipe gave me an idea * rubs chin *

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Why link to google image search instead of the page itself ? Anyway yeah that is a cool model, though I don't feel inclined to comment on it much since the original author isn't here to hear it :)

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