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Scabbed Angel

Texture editing help

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I've been dickering around with editing the monster's textures in the game. I've been able to successfully edit the specular, local, color (diffuse?) maps, and they have shown up fine in the game. However, I have not been able to successfully edit the height/bumpmap textures to reflect my changes. It ends up being the same when I load the game, though the tga and dds files are altered. Anyone having the same problems/ does anyone have any insight. I was able to edit the "illegal e3 2003 pre-alpha" to reflect this, so I don't get what I'm doing wrong. Please help if you can.

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I'm not 100% sure as i have not tried this.. but i've heard word that you need to set this cvar in the console to.. "image_usePrecompressedTextures 0"

BNA's explanation on this seems to make sense..

"By default, Doom3 is set up to create a cache of all images. This cache is generated the first time an image is used by the system. This cache doesn't automatically update if image modifications are made, therefore you will not see changes you make to images unless the cache is disabled. This really screwed with my head for quite some time. Having caching turned off will increase load times, but it appears to be the only (?) way for you to see image modifications reflected in the engine."

Anyway, if it works, it works, if it doesn't, just set that cvar back to "image_usePrecompressedTextures 1"


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