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Help with +set com_allowConsole

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I've tried every iteration of this command and can't get it to work, properyly. When done from within the game, it does what it should do: open the console with only ~. However, when I put it in the config file or as a modifier in the shortcut, I don't get a menu, at all, instead the console fills the whole screen. There is no way to get out of the console other than typing exit which quits the game.

Anyone had this problem? Care to tell me what I'm doing wrong, if anything?


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The modification to the shortcut and to the config is +seta not just +set and then a 1 after com_allowconsole.

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I'm running Doom 3 at WXGA so I had set a custom resolution and FOV. However, the FOV requires it be a command line argument or it is reset after running the game once. I had the gfov argument before the console one and, for some reason, that screwed it up. I switched them around and it works just the way it's supposed to.

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