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ATI card please read

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Well I played it on medium in 800*600 on my 9600XT, worked very nice. I don't think there would be any real trouble to play in high, but you naturally will loose some fps (perhaps 5-10). I thought that medium looked good enough, or at least high wasn't that much of a difference.

My setup:

cpu - 2.8GHz
ram - 1024MHz
DirectX 9.0c
WinXP (SP2)

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Well I'm using a 9700 with an Athlon 1700+ and 512 megs RAM, and high runs more-or-less fine on that. So it should run great on your setup :).

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runs fine for me, some spots give a bit of lag. however if you do have issues make sure that you are not overclocking and that you have all drivers up to date. also helps to turn off junk in the back ground

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