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Disco Inferno

How the flash light and the gun work???

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Hey is there a way so you can to use the flask light with a gun? I have to switch between them and zombies and merines keep hitting me while I’m getting the gun out and bringing my health down to almost nothing! My friend Kendall says he knows a way but he’s in St. Louis for the whole month on vacation at his grandmas house. Can any one PLEASE help me?

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There is a mod called duct tape or something. It's in here somewhere. I personally just rebound the flashlight to the middle mouse button and it was never a problem. Sight the bad guys with the light, switch and let the muzzle flash light your way from then on.

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Joel, what is muzzle flash? Is it one of those little firecracker things you light and throw on the ground? Where do I get those, kinda confused?

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