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Disco Inferno

About the gunpanel? ***MAYBE SPOILER***

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Hey when you are coming back at the gun point where the merine gives you the guns and does the com check the first time, there is more guns in the other panel but how do you get them out? I look in the room with the dead merine but there is no consul or button to press to get the machine guns out and I need them bad, I am almost out of amo!! Is there a way to break the glass or whatever to get the guns? PLEASE HELP!!

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You can open it after the invasion begins on a computer in the room where the marine that does the com check was or near his place IIRC. I remember I opened it.

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Hmm... he must have found it since he didn't return saying something like "OMFG I CANT FIND IT, WHERE U SAY IT WUZ?!"

Good luck on your Dooming quest Disco... dance 'em dead!

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