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A Ungibable mod. (Spelling Error?)

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Is there a ungibible mod that only disallows gibbing on Zombies? I like that burn away effect on imps and demons, But I want to keep seeing all the zombies bodys laying there without "dematerilizing"

I dont have the game yet, thanks to amazon. :(

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get the mod and open up the pk4 in WinZip or WinRar and in the Def folder in side the pk4 and just delete the def file names that have "demon" or "flying" in the name

and if you want the burn away to happen after a few seconds

Junkguy said:

If you want to change this amount of time, you can open the
Ungibbable.pk4 with Winzip, go to the script directory, and extract
Open it with notepad/wordpad, and near the middle look for
Change the number in sys.wait( 54 ); to whatever number of seconds you
would like.


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