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really funny glitch

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i was playing doom3 last night


it was right after you get the plasma gun (the sorta secret one, the VERY first time you can get it). anyways, i kill the imps that teleported in and grenaded the two zombies hiding in the walkway on the way back out (there was still one left hiding in the corner just past the exit to the walkspace). so i run out and turn around, he jumps and rolls to the left and comes up shooting. so i spray him with the machine gun and he flops back against a crate. so i take a second to admire the really pretty blood spray i just created that was plastered all over the crate and the wall. then the damndedst thing happens. the body starts cunvulsing and shit. it shakes and rattles and moves around and flops about (sorta like a fish out of water). i mean, it was moving around pretty violently. ive never seen this (or even heard of it) but it went on for about 10 seconds. it was really funny. he flopped away from the crate and was bouncing around so much he almost went over the edge of the platform (well, it wasnt really a platform but there was a definite 'edge' to the room overlooking a dark trench with machinery).i think he woulda gone over but he hit a guard rail.

anyone else ever seen something like this? (it didnt happen until he died... and the body stayed still for a second or two before it started).

i tink the program thought the zombie was trying to 'exist' in the same place as the crate (it fell leaning against the crate) and didnt know what to do so it got it away from the crate. but this is just my 3 cents (yeah, thats right... THREE cents!)

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I made the pistol have enough impact power that it knocks limbs through the floor and they convulse like a madman break dancin.

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Its just a fun thing i made for myself, i havent released it anywere, i guess i should, im just waiting to make the shotgun have the power to send a cyberdemon to hell, ohh wait hes in hell isnt he?

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Yeah, I've seen this in a few games that use ragdoll effects, including doom3. Pretty funny when it happens.

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