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ATi Catalyst: 4.9 beta vs. 4.8 final

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ATi has just released version 4.8 of their Catalyst drivers. The release notes mention improved performace in Doom 3. However, I already have the 4.9 beta installed. So should I stick with the 4.9 beta, or should I install the new 4.8 release?

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doesnt really matter. i got .3 more fps with 4.8 compared to 4.9. someone else here only got a .1 fps increase.

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corey said:

someone else here only got a .1 fps increase.

heh i think that was me... yep, .1 its soo awesome lol

i havent tested the drivers with any other game then Doom3 and a fly thru of a CoD map but why not go with then new 4.8s they arnt "beta" and they have the same hotfix as 4.9 beta

but on that note of you arnt having probs with 4.9b then there is no NEED that i know of to change

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Well, if my performance won't go down I think I'd rather run a final release than a beta just on principle. I haven't had any problems yet but I also haven't been playing anything BUT Doom 3 lately. I might encounter a bug in some other game, I dunno.

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