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Doom3 benchmarks

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Ok this thread is for those who can run DooM III and run it well…
This is the place to brag about your FPS… Got a PIC even better.

Please follow this setup:


PC Specs (The more detailed the better)

Game Settings (The more detailed the better)

Tweaks (Detail on which tweaks you use)

Other (Comparison of other benches IE 3Dmark2001/03 AquaMark3)

Please keep this on thread on topic… & please keep it clean.


I will post my info some point tonight when I get home from work.

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I wash my back with a rag on a stick.

My graphics card sucks too much. I have a gig of ram, 2.2 GHz Barton (2500+.. hah more like 3200+), but a Geforce 5200 FX :(. The harddrive is an SATA.

I have unpacked my pk4's to some sucesss. I have attempted other tweaks to much less of an effect. Some things are made smoother, but I can still easily kill the frame rate by looking the wrong way.

Think of this.. as an anti-brag. My computer rocks... graphics card sucks.

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Just about every specs thread that has been posted has evolved into one of these threads. And they all sucked.

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This thread is ment for a benching area... Im talking proper benching using Doom 3 like we do with UT2K3/2K4... So we can obtain an overall view of the setup people have in comparison. Im sure alot of people here use 3DMark and Aquamark and post there benches so why not do it properley with Doom 3

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I've changed the thread title to something a little more appropriate, but don't hold out any great hopes for this thread.

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