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crap, i have a problem with my wad

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I loaded some textures in my wad for testing at the first place. Then I tried to delete them after testing. I went to edit textures with wintex, then try to cut that entry out, but it can't be removed, it comes back there again and again, and also I deleted the patch of it. Now I can't run my wad due to errors. Say R_unit textures 2 something error. Can anyone help?

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You WAD is broken, now (Kind of) Thanks to WinTEX.

Basically, you'll have to delete the PNAMES and TEXTUREx lumps from you WAD, then insert manually any custom textures you DID want.

Basically, WinTEX does this whenever you try to delete textures.

There is SUPPOSED to be a way around this (Delete whatever textures, then modify, modify back a default texture to force it into saving them) that I could never get to work.

If you want to delete textures, then use DeePSea. It's easier, and reliable. Plus, for WinTEX style WAD tinkering, there are NO shareware limits, except on the size of the levels you insert... use WinTEX for that.

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XWE ( http://doomworld.com/xwe ) can also reliable delete textures from the TEXTUREx lump. It also has almost all of WinTEX's features.

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you'll have to delete the PNAMES and TEXTUREx lumps from you WAD...If you want to delete textures, then use DeePSea.

I think one can "fix" the existing modified PNAMES & TEXTURES in DeePsea without starting over. I say "think", because I don't have the actual file to look at. I'm assuming the basic TEXTUREx PNAMES internal structure is ok (Wintex didn't mess that up did it?).

IOW missing patches will not matter, nor will missing PNAMES. The DeePsea texture error checker should pick up all the things that are wrong as I'll explain.

Open the "bad" resource PWAD in DeePsea, press F7 and select "TEXTUREX Name Edit". The texture names are on the left and the patch names (in PNAMES) on the right. Press Verify PNAMES to detect invalid PNAMES. These should match the ones you already know about.

Now select each Patch name and press "Delete Patch". An "invalid" graphic will appear if the actual resource is missing (doesn't affect DeePsea). It won't delete any Patch name that is in use by a texture. So you have to delete all the Texture name(s) using the patch first. I'm assuming those are the ones you did not want.

When you get done making the corrections, press "Verify Graphics" and "Verify PNAMES" to make sure everything is ok. Ignore the LITE3 warning. Some people don't technically "cover" their graphics correctly. Those will report as "not completely covered".

Then press "Save" to save the new TEXTUREx/PNAMES into some new file name (thus guaranteeing that your original resource is NOT destroyed.

Next press F7/Merge-Import to merge this new file with your original(s).

1. Open Target file to receive the new stuff. I recommend a new file to make you more comfortable, although it could be your old original (a .bak copy is always made).
2. "Add Files". Start with the oldest file first and end with the new TEXTUREx/PNAMES. Any kind of file is acceptable.

You can delete any lumps you do not want at this stage. Press the button "Delete Files". This will delete whatever lump you have highlighed (Just realized this should be renamed to delete Files/Lumps.)

3. When done, press "Save All Files".

Over the years restrictions have changed to make generic PWAD management full featured. There is no restriction on merging levels or files in the shareware version in the F7 tools, since the whole set is intended to be a complete replacement for Wintex:) So level sizes at this stage are unlimited:)

The F7/Merge function can merge anything of any size - levels, graphics .. you name it:)

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