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Kristian Ronge

E4M4 TAS UV -fast Tyson Reality

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I was a bit bored this afternoon so I decided to try my hands at some TAS recording. I got pissed off when I couldn't do E4M4 -fast so I did it using TAS.. but also, using only fists+pistol and without losing any health (Tyson reality). Since I had to play at extremely low speeds (30%) the demo is very "earthquake styled", and I also had some problems getting the key config right, but I hope it's at least watchable anyway. :-/

So, another reality demo to enjoy, or whatever. Sorry, Op, no Classic Ep. yet, I'll do them all later (unassisted). ;-)

Time was unimportant but I'm glad it was done below 5:00 (since I wasn't pushing hard for speed). Exit time is 4:51.

Recorded in Andrey Budko's PrBoom 2.2.4, plays back with PrBoom 2.2.x and doom.exe version 1.9.

Get the demo here.

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