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Can't join any MP server

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If you're missing a pak file, it means the server is running a map or some other mod that you don't have. DOOM 3 doesn't have automatic downloading like Quake III (yet), so for now, too bad. :)

Also, the in-game server browser is pretty screwed up. Sometimes it tells you the server is full when it's not, or in your case, it asks for a password when none is required.

There is nothing you can do with the game to fix it, but you can use a third party server browser (which gets you a LOT more results anyway) such as QTracker or All Seeing Eye.

gl hf

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You could select the server you wanna join, check its ip and manually connect by typing in the server ip in ip connect. It's at the bottom left of the MP browser screen. It's worked for me so far.

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