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poor performance on a decent machine?

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i've tried everything i can find and think of, and i'm still getting poor frame rates. a lousey 15fps on demo1 of Doom3, set to medium at 800x600)... tryin' to figure out what the problem might be... perhaps some of you might know...

these are my specs:

Pentium 4 - 3.00e GHz 1MB 800MHz 478 pin
Intel 865g GBFL, ATX 2xDDR400, s478 400/533/800 fsb, AGP8x
2x256MB PC3200 400MHz APACER
MSI FX 5700LE-TD256 256MB DDR TV Out / DVI
Win2k pro

i'd have thought with a rig like that, i'd be getting better results, yet i can't seem to figure out why it's performing so poorly. everything has been updated (drivers, bios etc.). image quality is fantastic, but my frame rates seem really low.

any ideas? i'm pretty stumped... i've even played with most of the tweaks i've found out there, with no great improvements. i actually forked out a $1000 in upgrades just for this game, and actually feel very disappointed. any help is welcome.

thanks in advance.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with using Windows 2000.

I use Windows 2000. I'm running an Athlon 64 3000+, 1GB RAM, Radeon 9700 Pro, and I get 30-60 FPS consistently while playing Doom 3 in 800x600 high quality.

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The_FNG, you have a VERY similar system to mine with a couple exceptions, I have 1 GB of RAM and a standard FX 5700/256MB. Firstly, check your card's image settings and make sure Anti-aliasing and Anisotropic filtering are set to App-controlled (8xAA or even 4xAA can really cut into your frame-rates.) Set the image quality of your card to Quality or Performance. Setting the card to High-quality for me gave a 30% drop in FPS with no appreciable difference in visual quality (and I checked several screenshots for comparison.) Even Quality didn't seem to offer much better visuals than Performance, so Performance is what mine is set to.

Finally, set Doom3 to run in high-quality instead of medium. The difference in frame rates is negligable with a 256MB card (at least on mine) and the game looks much better. With my system and 800x600 Hi I get about 24-26 Fps on timedemo demo1 vs. when I started with my card's default at about 17-19 Fps. However, in-game performance is much better averaging about 30-60 fps and dropping to 20 fps at a minimum during graphically intesive spots (use com_showFPS 1 to check fps in-game.)

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thanks for the help, i've narrowed the problem down to the video card. seems that my 5700LE runs at a MUCH slower clock speed than the regular 5700.

versus yours:

anywho, looks like i'm off to buy a new radeon 9800 pro...

thanks again for everyones help and i hope this thread may help others. (hence the follow-up)

cheers, and happy hunting.

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