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Making D3 Maps

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Before i even attempt this, what are the basic knowledge requirements that i need to know before i even start? Im sure making maps isnt an "anyone can do it" thing... is it?

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obviously you all think this was a dumb question. But its not. I would love to be able to make my own mods for any game, but im sure there has to be a basic knowledge of "something" before one can even start. What is that "something"? Can anyone who has never even tried to make a mod succeed at it? I just read through the Double Barrel Mod and think its amazing. GJ to that guy fo sure. Is there a program i need to pick up and learn? Cmon guys, gimme the low down on this mod makin stuff. Im sure im not the only one wanting to know. Im just the only one willing to throw his neck out asking the newbie questions.

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You have to learn to do whatever it is that you want to do.

If you want to make models, learn modeling. Modeling programs include high-end apps such as 3d studio max and maya, and low-cost ones like milkshape.
Maps, learn the editor. You can find tutorials at doom3world.org
Scripting, well there's not a world full of info on that yet. But you can find some good information at the above link.
Textures, well if you can make graphics then you probably dont need this answered. But pick up any program that can output to the tga format.

Right now Im just learning as much as I can about the engine before I start making graphics for it. I may do a texture pack soon to add some gothic textures.

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