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I'm pretty sure someone has covered this, but I'd like to know.
At the end, Dr. Betruger's head ends up being the tongue for a certain demon. Can someone please clarify for me what has happened to Dr. Betruger and what the hell that thing is!

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AirRaid said:

Personally I think he always was it.

Uhm, I don't think that's likely.
We hear an audio log that suggests that he was "normal" before. Then he entered the gateways and returned with a "change" to him.

If he always was the tongue of the demon, how did he get from Hell to Mars without the teleporters?

And if you ask me, it looks like he's eaten by the demon, not like his head is the demon's tongue.

I think the Maledict gradually took control over Betruger and continued to increasingly warp him after he had full control.

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I don't think the demon ate him. I think he is now part of the demon.

He was a normal scientist until he went to hell, then he became possessed.

Now he is physically part of the demon. Leaving another ending wide open for the next sequel 10 years from now. "Doom 2: 2. Hell on Earth Again, Only Prettier"

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