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Mancubus II

**READ THIS FIRST** Forum Rules for the Doom 3 Technical Issues forum

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This thread contains some quick rules for the Doom 3 Technical Issues forum on Doomworld. These rules are in place to allow people to easily get their questions and issues resolved.

If you are seeing this because it was linked to in your thread (or a thread in which you were participating), it's probably because the thread was going against one of the rules listed here.


    First off, let's get this one out of the way. It's very important for everyone that you search previous threads and posts before creating your own thread. Thread bumping will be a little more lenient in here, as long as it's on topic. Even if it's a couple months old, as long as it's relative to the situation it will be tolerated. For example, you encountered this similar issue and it had not been resolved, or you could not get an issue resolved after trying ones mentioned. By keeping the number of repeat threads down, we save on bandwidth, load times, etc., and we keep things more organized. Nonsense bumping will be dealt with.

    When this is encountered, threads will either be closed or, in the event there is a recent and similar thread, it may be merged. If either or both of these things take place, it will be noted in the thread.

  • Please keep all threads on topic.

    If you're a veteran of these boards, you're probably familiar with the the Questions forum in the Classic Doom section of the DWF. This forum will pretty much be run the same way. Posts that are for the most part off-topic will be deleted. In this case, off-topic means anything that does not relate to an answer to the issue, a response to a previous answer given, or at least a well-formed comment regarding steps or procedures towards solving the issue. It's best to keep threads free of the nonsense so people can get their answers quicker, so they can get back to playing Doom 3.

  • When creating a thread, be sure to make some mention of your problem clearly in the thread title.

    Too often we see threads that say something like:


    If someone sees a thread title like that, this person may be less inclined to venture in because you appear less intelligent and more "noobish". It's understandable that you may be pretty frustrated you're having a problem, and your focus is getting it resolved. That is the exact goal of this forum: to get things resolved. By taking this critical step, you can further ensure that your post may at least be seen, if not replied to. This rule relates to the next one...

  • Relax, breathe, and take your time when formulating your question; be sure it's clear with enough information as possible regarding the situation and circumstances.

    Make sure that people can easily understand your posts. This board's native language is English. It is understandable that you may have trouble forming sentences or remembering the right words. This rule is not regarding you necessarily. As long as you do your best, that's all anyone can ask for. There is a big difference between someone doing their best at a foreign language, and someone posting in "leet speek" or simply not taking the time to make their posts readable. It only serves you better when your posts are easy to read and provide enough information for others to start formulating solutions. Subsequent posts by the same user of illegible typing will no doubt be asked nicely to make sure that his or her post is understandable.


This set of rules is subject to change at any time as necessity requires. Any update will be noted in this thread.

This thread is not open for public discussion. If you have any questions regarding the rules presented here, please send me a private message (see link at bottom of this post).

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