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New Project announced!!!

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Okay, for all I know, none of ya even care... But...

I'm starting a new project.

It is called...

"Red Faction Multi-Conversion" (For those of you who have a PS2 and RF, the Badlands level in Particular is the shit!)

Because EDGE 1.24 Doesn't support Multi (I believe EDGE 1.26 does...?) I am going to make them for EDGE 1.26.

However, I will also put enemies in the Conversion in case I am wrong about the Multi function of E1.26

The levels so far included are....

Map01: Warlords
Map02: Badlands
Map03: Blasted Canyon
Map04: Installation XJ5
*Map05: Canyon Chase

More are to be announced.

* - The Canyon Chase is not a Multiplayer level for Red Faction, however, it was in the single player, it is the section of the game where Parker is forced to fight all the Mercs in the back of the Jeep and going along that big convoy on the way to the top of the canyon.

Obviously, this will not have any Geo-Mod sections, unless future versions of EDGE support destructable walls.

Any input would be greatfully appreciated. :)

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EDGE 1.26 doesn't support multi...Obviously you didn't read the documentation, or the webpage.

Yeah, I just noticed that when I remembered 1.24 didn't support Multi.

It's going to be a re-do of all the Multi levels from Red Faction, it will be using standard Doom textures, though... :(

Of course, I will have to put monsters in it.

But it will be cool, nonetheless! :D

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