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timedemo and playability difference

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I experienced a difference form my timedemo result, 51.2 fps, and
the game playability. The timedemo seems better.
After several timedemo I thought that was the cpu that was making the
game slower processing vertex, sound and dynamic effects.
I tried to change graphical effects but the improvements are
minimal... which cvars can I change to lighten cpu? Is there a way to
make in game framerate more stable?

this is my conf:
- 2.6GHz with Hyper-Threading.
- Nvidia 5900xt 128 Mb (overclocked)
- 512 Mb RaM.


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Carmack addressed that saying that the timedemo doesn't do any AI/realtime processing like real gameplay does. or maybe I misunderstand your post...

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I knew that, but I was looking for some cvars that reduce the
processor use.
During the game sometimes fps fall down to 25 in large areas with
flashlight on or when there are lot of monsters.
Usually fps are between 50 and 35. I'm trying to find a way to limit
the framerate drop.


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