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Help with actually MAPPING

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I open up the d3 editor and yey, I can't find the actuall map editor, where you insertrooms and stuff. Is there a fool proof way to just start the mapping or *******? Any 3rd party utilities? I'm so used to the Doom editors that with 10000 windows opne when I open the doom3 editor I am just lost. :(

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That IS the map editor. The big white (by default)plane where you lay down "brushes". Brushes are what you (normally) use to construct basic rooms and architecture. You can go to doom3world.org to learn more.

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DD_133 said:

just one other question, how come my mouse is hidden when i start up the editor?

You've goto add about 4-5 +wait commands near the end of your target line after right-clicking on your DoomEdit icon (you should have already made one by first making a shortcut of the DOOM 3 icon and simply renaming it to DoomEdit or something similar), and then going to properties.

The editor isnt very hard to use - BUT, unless you are willing to watch several video tutorials, you may have a hard time understanding what each and every thing does.

I'm just 15 and I can use it fairly well, so surely you wont have too many problems out of it.

It is a great editor, btw, albeit the minor bugs that appear now and then.

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