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objects cast strange shadows

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It seems that objects cast shadows on invisible walls, not on other objects.
Strange... is this normal or is problem?


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this is my conf:
- 2.6GHz with Hyper-Threading.
- Nvidia 5900xt 128 Mb (overclocked)
- 512 Mb RaM.

the screenshots:


I tried the video card with normal clock frequency but it's the same..
maybe It has something to do with these variables:


thanks for your help

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Looks normal to me. The "invisible wall" is just the far wall on the other side of the room. If you were another player looking at that scene from another perspective, you'd be able to see it better.

Or maybe I just can't see the image properly against a white background.

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in the second image the crate with the chainsaw box on the top seems
to cast a shadow on the stairs, but the shadow seems just a square to
me. maybe I am wrong.
ok thanks


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