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Looking for help with a weapon

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In my Film Noir Mod thread, I mentioned that I was starting work on a weapons mods for ZDoom that give the player weapons from the 1940's. Well, I've made some progress - but I'm stuck on a weapon sprite I'm making. I decided to take the same route as Kronos did for his Doom 3 weapons, and take a screenshot from a game that has the weapon I'm looking for in it (Battlefield 1942 in this case). I've got nearly everything done with the gun, except shading. I can't do the shading, even after following Scuba Steve's tutorial. I just can't get the anti-aliasing down. I'm wondering at the moment: can anybody help finish up the shading on this frame?

(NOTE!! Copy and paste this link to a new window to get it to work!)

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Weasel... When I get some time I'll do it.

Until then, the Second release is available.

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