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Veteran = Ulta Violence ? (aka "the skill level thread")

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When I fired up Doom 3 for the first time, I was eager to see if id included the original 5 skill levels with proper naming. I was a little disappointed to see 3 totally new ones. The old names would have added a good deal of originality to the game (like it was the case with RTCW). But after all, I can live with it. The question however, is, which of the new skill levels has which original counterpart. My first guessing would be:

recruit = I´m too young to die/Hey not too rough

marine = Hurt me plenty

veteran = ultra violence


So far, I´ve only completed the game on marine and I haven´t started it on other modes, due to lack of time. Some people here complained about Marine and Veteran skills being too easy (although I found that Marine was a perfect "normal" skill - as opposed to several other fps of the recent past, which seemed to mix up the term "normal" with "hard". So maybe some people here would rather make the following decision:

recruit = I´m too young to die

marine = Hey not too rough

veteran = Hurt me plenty


This would mean that there isn´t a proper equivalent for the all famous "Ultra Violence" anymore and with NM being challenging as ever (25% life cap/no medipacks (good ideas IMO)) there would be a big gab between veteran and NM.
In terms of monster placement, the original Doom had three categories; The first two skills, as well as UV and NM shared the same monster placement. So, what about Doom 3 in this regard? Does every single skill level have individual monster placements this time or do vet/NM share them like UV/NM before?

Looking forward to reading your opinions.

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Doom3 follows the Quake 1-2 setup of Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. I think bringing back the original Doom skill names would have been a nice touch, but oh well.

Also, from what I've seen, I think the main differences between the three different starting skills amounts to damage received. I played through Hell on Skill 0 and 2 without noticing a single difference in the monster placement.

... and while I'm going nuts with the editing, yeah, Veteran skill is a breeze once you get used to the atmosphere. I imagine that if you started on Marine skill, Veteran skill would actually seem EASIER because, despite the increased damage, you can better anticipate the attacks.

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