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Making Scroll_Floor Scroll North

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I'm trying to use the Scroll_Floor function to scroll some things North, but I can only make it go east. I am using a LineDef for this function. How do I make it scroll North?

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Scrollbit 4 uses the Boom method, where the linedef length is the speed. To make it work normally, use scrollbit 1. For directions, the 'zero point' is actually 128, so anything less than 128 goes west and anything more goes east. (same for north/south)

Scroll_Floor (tag, scrollbits, scroll/carry/both, x, y)

Your best bet is to use scripting, as scrolling is a bit easier there - the zero point is actually 0 (use minus values for west/south) have no limits and can even be changed mid-game. Use this in an open script:

Scroll_Floor (tag, x value, y value, scroll/carry/both value)

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Heh, thanks TUD. You can blame "Action Doom" for the method I used because I knew they did what I wanted to do so I looked at it. Well it's working good enough at this point.

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