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how to make an Avi movie??

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I know it is possible to make an AviDemo from you're playing. But I can't seem to make one right...

Can anybody tell me what i'm doing wrong?? This is what I do:

When in the game I open the console and type: recorddemo

After I've played the part I wanted to record I open the console again and type; recorddemo again to make it stop recording, that you get the message you've made Demo###.demo (### are numbers of corse, let's say 001)

After that, in the \Base\Demo map you have now demo001.demo

Which is not playable.

when you open the console again in Doom3 and type AviDemo (for example: AviDemo Demo001)

He'll start somthin that looks like making a lot of screenshots from the demo.

When you look into the \base\demo folder you see a new map called demo001.
Inside that map you find a sound file (Demo001.wav) a demo001.roqParam file (what the F*ck is that??) and noumerous *.TGA pics, for a demo which would take about 20 sec's up to 1.800 pics!! which all are Ascending numbered like; demo001_00000 up to demo001_01837

But I can't find the *.avi file!!!

Please help me out here!!!

Thx for the help!

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