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Another DooM3 Mod Question

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I'm having trouble running a couple of Mods I downloaded. Sorry I'm not that good at computers, so help tell me where i should put the Mod.

Unpack, copy the pak005.pk4 to your /base directory, and run

Wtf is a base directory? HELP!

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C:/program files/doom 3 is your doom 3 base directory, if you installed it there (if you're "not good at computers" i assume you will have), any other directories (folders) in it are called Subdirectories

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deathbringer said:

C:/program files/doom 3 is your doom 3 base directory

There is a subdirectory called "base" in your Doom3 folder. But I´m not sure what is meant here: The Doom3 folder itself or the said subdirectory. So far, I have only used one mod and it told me to create a new folder in my Doom3 main directory and put the files in there. Maybe other mods need you to put the files in the subdirectory called "base". Just try some of these possibilities. One will work eventually.

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