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Cannot install Doom 3 (disappears!)

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I get through the installation routine fine, until I am prompted to enter CD1 the last time...after it says it is registering and activating the product, all traces of the program on my computer (WinXP SP2) disappear completely! It's as if it was never there. I've tried doing the install many times, and have watched the folders and files being created by the install process. As soon as it gets to the end, poof!...no Doom 3 folder, no files, nothing in the recycle bin, nothing. If I am viewing the bin folder while the install completes, it just disappears. I'm thinking that this is a sp2 issue, but I really don't want to uninstall it, and I don't want to waste 55 bucks on a game that I can't even play!

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Well, a friend had a similar problem with Soul Reaver 2.
He installed windows again and that worked. The bad part is that he had to reinstall everything to play a game that he ended up not liking it...

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Reinstlling is not feasible, as I'm heading to college in just a few days, and I have much more important things to do (like play doom...ha ha). But seriously, there has to be some sort of fix for this problem, because it makes me wary of what other programs may be incompatible! It's a relatively fresh install (2.5 weeks) of winxp, and I slipstreamed sp2 over the top using a full CD with no problems. I don't know what kind of conflicts could exist because I run a very clean, lean system.

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